Welcome to our painting diary

We are two British artists living in south-west France. We paint on commission or according to our moods. We create paintings in watercolour, acrylic or pen and ink. Here you can see our work as it is completed.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Watercolour paintings

On 23 October there is an Autumn Fair in the Dordogne village of Bussière-Badil, a small place dominated by its church which was once part of a Benedictine abbey and became a priory in the 14th century.  I've painted several pictures of the church which never quite seem to capture its size.  This painting concentrates on the front façade and I've included a figure to help indicate scale.  We'll be exhibiting our paintings at the fair and I'm hoping to attract some interest in this one.

Watercolour painting 30x20 cm - Front Façade, Bussière-Badil Church, France 

On a totally different subject is this painting of a line of washing with the sunlight creating some good shadows. This was taken from a photograph by Valerie Rosen whose work can be found HERE

 Watercolour painting 30x20 cm - Watercolour Wash