Welcome to our painting diary

We are two British artists living in south-west France. We paint on commission or according to our moods. We create paintings in watercolour, acrylic or pen and ink. Here you can see our work as it is completed.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Watercolour painting - Château Puymartin

Château Puymartin is in the south of the Dordogne near Sarlat.  Thérèse de Saint-Clar, who took advantage of her husband's absence while he was away fighting in the 16th century, and enjoyed herself with another man, was imprisoned by her jealous husband on his return in a room in the north tower, which was sealed upon her death with her body still inside. La Dame Blanche, the ghost of the unfortunate woman, has been seen wandering the château at night, apparently. 

This painting was done from a photograph as, although I've driven almost right past it, I have not yet had a chance to visit.  This will be rectified!

Château Puymartin 
Watercolour 30x20 cm